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Easy Fish & Veggie Foil Packet

3 oz Fish (any fish such as tilapia or salmon)
Veggies such as yellow squash, broccoli, mushrooms
Fresh herbs: thyme, basil, parsley
1 clove or garlic
1 tsp olive oil
Place veggies, herbs, and garlic on aluminum foil. Place fish on top then drizzle withe olive oil. Fold foil so it's enclosed. Place on oven rack at 350degrees for about 20 minutes.

Spring Mix Salad (makes 2)
1 chopped large pear
1 sliced avocado
Diced grilled Meat- made ahead of time
Top w/ a few chopped walnuts
(not too much since you get fat from the avocado)
Dressing: Raspberry Vinaigrette (mix to taste)
1 part Olive Oil
2 parts Raspberry Balsamic Vinegar
3 parts Water
1 package of Italian Dressing Mix

What to eat today...sample menu

1 cup cooked oatmeal, sprinkled with 1 tsp cinnamon and chopped walnuts
1/2 banana
1 cup skim milk or almond milk

1 cup low-fat (1% or less) plain yogurt w/ 1 tspgroundflax seed
1/2 cup peach halves
5 Melba toast crackers
2 tbsp low-fat cream cheese spread on top crackers
Top crackers w/ chopped broccoli & cauliflower
Sparkling water

Grilled turkey burger (4oz)
1/2 cup green beans w/ toasted almonds
2 cups mixed salad greens
2 tbsp low-fat dressing (stay away from creams and dressings w/ cheese)
1 tbsp sunflower seeds
1 small orange

Benefits of Exercise

Although many people do need to lose weight for health reasons, there are many other reasons we should exercise. The Mayo Clinic lists seven benefits:
1. Strengthens bones and muscles
2. Strengthens your heart and lungs
3. Helps manage your weight
4. Prevents and manages diabetes
5. Eases depression and manages pain & stress
6. Reduces your risk of certain cancers
7. Helps you sleep better

Finding time to work out is a must. It needs to be part of your everyday lifestyle. It does take a lot of hard work and discipline to lose weight and change the shape of your body, but even light aerobic activity can improve your stamina. Any type of activity will do wonders for your cardio-respiratory system. Keep this in mind: we all need to move more for overall health benefits - our body's were made to move, not sit.
Healthy eating tip: It's not just what you eat, it's how you eat

Healthy eating is about more than the food on your plate—it is also about how you think about food. Healthy eating habits can be learned and it is important to slow down and think about food as nourishment rather than just something to gulp down in between meetings or on the way to pick up the kids.

Eat with others whenever possible. Eating with other people has numerous social and emotional benefits and allows you to model healthy eating habits. Eating in front of the TV or computer often leads to mindless overeating.

Take time to chew your food and enjoy mealtimes. Chew your food slowly, savoring every bite. We tend to rush though our meals, forgetting to actually taste the flavors and feel the textures of what is in our mouths. Reconnect with the joy of eating.

Listen to your body. Ask yourself if you are really hungry, or have a glass of water to see if you are thirsty instead of hungry. During a meal, stop eati…

Energy Bars

These are the most energy-dense form of sports foods, but as such they are more difficult to digest. They are best before a long endurance run or workout that last 60 minutes or longer. However, studies have shown that eating an energy bar and taking on water with it is as effective in delivering energy as sports drinks. Typically they provide carbohydrates from rice, oats, and maltodextrin. Beware of bars with high levels of glucose, which can cause a spike in your blood sugar, and fructose, which can have a laxative effect. Many bars also contain some protein (for recovery and slow-release energy), and may also include nuts, chocolate, peanut butter or toffee to make them taste better. The simpler the better- more than 5g of fat, 5 g of fibre and 10g of protein will make the bar difficult to digest. They usually provide 30-60g of carbohydrates per bar, which is enough for an hour of exercise.
Keep in mind that energy bars are really meant to be used for that - to provide energy. They…

Sample - Power Eating

Oatmeal, 1 cup
1/2 cup low-fat milk
1/4 melon
Mid Morning Snack:
1 pear
Pita sandwich: 1 whole-grain pita pocket, 2 oz low-fat feta cheese, 1 cup alfalfa sprouts, 1 small sliced tomato, 1 tbsp olive oil & vinegar dressing
1 small peach
Mid-Afternoon Snack:
Celery Sticks spread with 2 tbsp peanut butter
Grilled white fish
Steamed broccoli
New potatoes, 3 small

Try something new...

Marinated Grilled Eggplant
1 medium eggplant
1/4 cup balsamic vinegar
1 clove garlic, minced
2 tsp. dry sherry
1/2 tsp. olive oil
1. Preheat grill. Slice the eggplant into 1/2 - inch thick slices
2. Combine the vinegar, garlic, sherry and oil and mix until blended. Place the eggplant in marinade and coat theeggplant. Marinade up to 30 minutes.
3. Grill until lightly browned, about 4 minutes. Turn slices over and brown the other side. Serve hot with balsamic vinegar as a dipping sauce.
Serves 4

Try something new...

A pound of fat bulges out 18% more than a pound of muscle. If you're resistance training like you should be to increase weight loss, you will notice a difference in your body before you'll see a difference on the scale. Be patient - have belief in yourself.

To lose weight you need to maximize the nutrients in every calorie you consume. That's why it's so important to eat calorie-dense fruits and especially vegetables.

Foods should be eaten raw, steamed, grilled, poached, baked or broiled. Frying foods depletes the nutrients in food.

You only have one body - think of it as needing to feed your body nutrients rather than just food. You need to take charge of your life and plan ahead. That means prepare your meals and especially your snacks at the beginning of the week or the start or end of each day. Don't fall into the trap of grabbing something high calories and fat and low in nutrients because you didn't plan ahead.
Low-fat whole-wheat tortilla, filled with 2 scrambled eggs and fresh salsa

Snack: if needed
low-fat cheese stick

2 cups dark green, leafy lettuce
1 tomato, sliced
1/4 medium cucumber, sliced
1/2 sweet red pepper, diced
1/2 cup mixed sprouts: alfalfa
4 oz turkey or chicken
2 Tbsp. low-fat dressing ...on the side to dip for flavor only

Snack: if needed
4 oz glass of v-8 juice

6 oz grilled wild salmon
1/4 cup guacamole (spread on salmon)
1 cup steamed asparagus

Salad as the meal...not a side dish

After a tough workout your body needs to refuel with the right amount of carbs and protein. Your source of complex carbohydrates will come from the salad and the vegetables that top it off. Your protein and healthy fat(omega-3s) will come from the salmon. Don't forget that adding healthy fats that are high in omega 3s help to boost satiety and increase glucose metabolism...body stores less fat. If salmon isn't one of your favorites, then top the salad with avocado slices or sprinkle with walnuts or almonds - both of these provide protein and magnesium for muscle function and recovery.

Choose leafy dark greens such as romaine and spinach lettuce which contain both phytonutrients and high amounts of B vitamins for energy. If you want to increase muscular strength for your next workout add broccoli - contains a phytochemical that boosts testosterone's anabolic muscle increasing effect. Toss in asparagus which is high in iron and absorbs the nutrients for energy production and …

What to eat tonight

Fat-Blasting Veggie Ratatouille - Attack the flab! This meal uses a variety of vegetables that provide fiber, vitamins and minerals that work synergistically to crank up your fat-burning metabolism.

1/2 cup olive oil
1 large onion, sliced
2 cloves garlic, diced
3 medium zucchini, sliced diagonally
2 green bell peppers, cut into strips
1 small eggplant, peeled and cubed
3 tbsp whole wheat flour
1 1/2 cans diced tomatoes
1 tsp basil
1 tsp oregano
Sea salt and fresh ground black pepper, to taste

1. In a large pot or skillet, heat oil. Saute onion and garlic until onions transparent.
2. In a large mixing bowl, mix together zucchini, peppers, eggplant and flour. Add vegetables to the pot. Cover and reduce heat. Cook 30 minutes
3. Add in tomatoes, basil and oregano. Let simmer, uncovered, for about 20 minutes until mixture thickens.


Eating the right fats can help you lose fat, absorb nutrients, gain muscle and protect joints. I know it sounds odd, but we need fat to burn fat. Trust me!
Here are the differences as well as the best food sources of these healthy fats:
Monounsaturated Fat remains liquid at room temperature but may start to solidify in the refrigerator. Foods high in monounsaturated fat include olive oil, peanut and canola oils. Avocados and most nuts also have high amounts of monounsaturated fat.
Polyunsaturated fat is usually liquid at room temperature and in the refrigerator. Foods high in polyunsaturated fats include vegetable oils, such as safflower, corn, sunflower, soy and cottonseed oils.
Omega-3 fatty acids are polyunsaturated fats found mostly in seafood. Good sources of omega-3s include fatty, cold-water fish, such as salmon, mackerel and herring. Flax seeds, flax oil and walnuts also contain omega-3 fatty acids, and Small amounts are found in soybean and canola oils.
(information provided by th…

You Are What You Eat..

I would love to say you could lose weight by just coming to Fusion every day, but I would be lying. It takes 3500kcals to lose on pound, most people only burn between 300-500kcals in a good workout. It's not uncommon for someone to consume 1,000kcals in on bad meal. In other words, you can blow several good workouts in one high-calorie meal.
You can workout every day but if you're taking in as many calories as you burn (or more, you won't lose weight).
You MUST watch what you eat in addition to exercise to see results. Remember, exercise does not make you gain weight, it is what you are eating whether it is too much or just "junk" calories which are easily stored as fat. Let's not be too worried right now about how many or percentages of each macro nutrient we need each day and focus a little more on portions and whether or not you really are hungry. Don't just eat because the clock says so and keep in mind, you don't have to have 2 snacks each day. But…
Most people who want to lose weight will choose to diet. The caloric restriction may be minimal (a deficit of 250-500kcal/day), moderate ( a total intake of 1200-1500kcal/day), or severe (a total intake of 400-800 kcal/day). If followed strictly, weight loss will occur.

Studies show that a person who follows the 400-800 kcal/day or the 800-1200 kcal/day diet will lose approximately 75 % body fat and 25% fat-free weight (all of the tissues of the body minus the BF) and a person who follows the 1200-1500kcal/day diet loses 90% body fat and 10% fat-free weight. The 1200-1500 kcal/ day deit is obviously the better choice to follow, but even that will not preserve lean body mass.
However, fat-free weigth loss may depend on how much excess weigth the individual started with and needs to lose. Over-fat individuals have an excess of both body fat and fat-free weight, this excess fat-free weight is there to support and move the extra weight that comes with being overfat. Therefore, as one lose…


Managing calories is like writing a budget. It takes a little time in the beginning, but as you begin to journal your food you quickly learn what you can and cannot afford to eat. Part of the initial discipline is just a learning process. In fact, the whole process begins with grocery shopping. If you don't shop well, you can't expect to eat well. Then you have to prepare the food and do all you can to make sure you healthy snacks and meals planned out or with you at all times so you avoid closer attention to calories and portion sizes.
Many people invest a lot of time in what they would call exercise, but is often just increased activity. Although any activity is good for your overall health, it's not effective for weight loss. Many people are just going through the motions and wasting a lot of time doing minimal effort. To really burn some calories, turn your walk into a purposeful power walk, exaggerate your arms and foot patterns in an exercise class or…

What Choice Will You Make Today?

Vegetable Choices(may use fresh, frozen or canned, w/o added sugar.)
Bens or Legumes: Black Beans, Butter Beans, Soy Beans, Split Peas, Chickpeas, Garbanzo
Bok Choy
Collard Greens
Sprouts, Alfalfa
Fat Choices (monounsaturated oils)
Olive Oil
Canola Oil
(polyunsaturated oils)
Other Fat Choices
Avocado 1/2 whole = 1 Tbs. oil
Guacamole 1/2 cup = 1 Tbs. oil
Margarine choose Fleishmann's Premium Olive Oil or Smart Balance: w/o trans fatty acids
Olives (Green or Ripe) 15 = 1/2 Tbs
Salad Dressing use those w/ less than 3 grams sugar / serving
Toppings & Sauces
Hot Sauce
Salsa - limit to 2 Tbs
Soy Sauce - 1/2 Tbs
Steak Sauce - 1/2 Tbs
Worcestershire Sauce - 1 Tbs
Spices and Seasonings
All spices that contain no added sugar
Extracts (almond, vanilla, or others)
I Can't Believe It's Not Butter! Spray
Lemon juice
Lime juice , Pepper (black, cayenne, red, white)
Sugar Substitutes
Acesulfame K


Each of these dimensions act and interact in a way that contributes to our own quality of life. Are you in balance in all or some of these areas of your life? If not, pick a 1 or 2 and try to improve them and then move on and choose 1 or 2 more dimensions. Journal y0ur feelings, thoughts and ideas - this helps you take notice of problems or situations in your life that may need to be changed.
Social - the ability to relate to and connect with other people in our world. Our ability to establish and maintain positive relationships.
Emotional - the ability to understand ourselves and cope with the challenges life can bring. The ability to acknowledge and share feelings of anger, fear, sadness or stress; hope, love, joy and happiness in a productive way.
Spiritual - the ability to establish peace and harmony in our lives. The ability to develop values with our actions and to realize a common purpose that binds creation together.
Environmental - the ability to recognize our own responsibility…

What to eat for breakfast?

Greek Yogurt Medley
Spoon 1 cup nonfat Greek yogurt into a small bowl. Stir in /12 cup dry whole oats and 1/2 cup each raspberries and blueberries. Top with 2 tbsp raisins and 2 tbsp chopped walnuts.
Total Nutrients: Cal: 470, Total Fat: 11g, Sat Fat: 1g, Trans Fat: 0g, Cholesterol: 0mg, Sodium: 94mg, Total Carbohydrates: 70g, Dietary Fiber: 12g, Sugars: 28g, Protein: 31g,

Peanut Butter & Banana Tortilla - especially after a good morning run/workout!!
Spread 1 1/2 tbsp all-natural pnt butter or almond butter on one side of a whole wheat tortilla. Slice a banana and place banana slices in the middle. Roll up and heat in microwave for 20 seconds. Enjoy with a 8oz glass nonfat milk or almond milk.
Total Nutrients: Cal: 450, Total Fat: 16g, Sat Fat: 2g, Trans Fat: 0g, Cholesterol: 7mg, Sodium: 373 mg, Total Carbohydrates: 61g, Dietary Fiber: 8g, Sugars: 32g, Protein: 22g

Kiwi-Strawberry Oatmeal - Combine 3/4 cup dry whole oats, 1 cup nonfat milk, 3/4 cup frozen strawberries, 8 chopped walnu…

The wet foot test

The wet foot test is a quick and easy way to find out about your degree of pronation. Wet your feet and walk over a piece of cardboad or a brown paper bag, then look at the shape of your footprint.
1. Neutral/normal foot: The heel and forefoot are clear and even; the outside of the foot will have made a wide band connecting the front and back of the foot. Those with a normal degree of pronation usually need stability shoes.
2. Flat/overpronation foot: Almost the entire foot makes contact with the ground, so the band between the front and back of the foot will be much wider and straighter. Those with this type of footprint will need a motion-control shoe, which is usually heavier and firmer.
3. Supinating foot: Those who supinate have high archers, so there will only be a thin line, if any, between the rear and front of the foot. Neutral or cushioned shoes are best for this type of foot.