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S.M.A.R.T. Goal Setting
Is your goal to lose weight, run a 5k, improve flexibility, or just be fit, then by setting SMART fitness goals will help you stay focused and motivated along your journey of accomplishing a short term goal.

S - specific: AN example is that you want to lose weight. But, you need to be specific about it. How much? By when? How you will be going about it? Where you will be working out (location) and what formal exercise you will doing? Why do you want to lose? And, be honest with yourself.

M - measurable: Where are you right now? Right down your weight if it is to lose weight. Write down your time if you are trying to lower your 5K time. Give yourself measureable points along the way. Such as, I won't weigh myself until at the end of this month. I will time my pace every Monday>

A - attainable: Make sure it is something you can really accomplish. Can you really lose 20 lbs in a month....absolutely not (safely), but you could probably lose 5-6 lbs of body fat i…

12-Week Program


Welcome to the Fusion Fitness New Year, New You 2011 Spring Shape Up Program. This program will begin Saturday, January 15th and ends April 9th. The program is tailored to reward physical activity and healthy lifestyle choices for all Fusion participants. You will set your own goals and track your points using the chart. Complete the registration form and include your challenge level and SMART goal setting (be honest with yourself, but do challenge yourself). You can attend any group fitness class at FUSION to receive points. You can also earn points for making healthy lifestyle choices. SEE BELOW...

Any 45 minute class = 2 points
Any 60 minute class = 3 points
Kristen's Saturday Special = 4 points

Level I: 48 - 60 points

Level II: 61 - 72 points

Level III: 73 - 84 points

Level IV: 85 - 96 points

· .25 points for eating at least 5 fruits and/or vegetables in a day
· .25 points for drinking a…