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CB Run Club


The meeting place for Saturday was suggested by one of the CBRC participants and I really think you will all like the options!!!!

We will be meeting at Bayliss Park same time, 5:20am. However, I will be there by 5am for those wanting to leave early.

There will be a few route options. One suggestion that I use to run a lot from the YMCA was the Harrison 5mile route.
From Bayliss Park up to Broadway, run down past what is referred to as the 100 Block to 1st Street. Turn left on 1st Street - to Harrison Street (a gradual incline) to Delong Ave (a decline), to 8th Street(flat), all the way back up to Broadway turning left taking you back to Bayliss. Approximately 5 miles give or take.

Option #2 & #3

We will all leave from Bayliss - to Broadway, turn right. Stay on Broadway passing through the 100 Block, past Taco Johns, Walgreens, and Eddy's Gas Station which eventually veers into Kanesville Ave near Super Saver. We will follow Kanesville Ave(gradual incline) t…

CB Run Club

Saturday's Routes: There will two options. A 4.5 mile route and a route that is about 9 miles...give or take.

We will meet at the parking lot of Starbucks/Orange Leaf. I believe the area is called Metro Crossing.

Everyone will exit the parking lot heading towards Metro Drive - Target, Hobby Lobby and follow Metro Drive around passed Sam's Club to the overpass that runs behind Menard's.

 At the end of the overpass, Turn LEFT onto South Expressway, be careful on this road as there is just a small lane to run/walk in but that time in the morning shouldn't be too busy. You will continue to the Veterans Memorial Highway and cross. You are now next to TRACTOR SUPPLY & Heartland Christian School and the Country Club Golf Course.


4.5 mile route. You will turn RIGHT onto WRIGHT ROAD  - the street behind HEARTLAND CHRISTIAN SCHOOL. The Country Club golf course will be on your left and condominiums on your right. Stay on WRIGHT ROAD until you get to…


Ok, we are back at it this week!!

I know that many of you got in some good miles during our "kind of a break week" so great job there!
I was able to clock about 62 miles doing a lot of 10 milers and 8 milers everyday. However, I couldn't have if I was teaching classes, definitely had fresh legs each morning run. Once in while is fine but I sure wouldn't give up lifting and classes because by Sunday, my joints were feeling it.

So here is the plan for this week.
It will be both hot & humid. I believe that training in these elements makes us stronger mentally and physiologically, but it is all about smart preparation and awareness. So be sure to get the right amounts of fluids into the tissues of both water and electrolyte type of drinks and eat lightly if you are running in the evenings. Humidity effects our gastric emptying rate and can cause stomach cramps and loose stools. On TUESDAY & THURSDAY I will be there to take off at 5pm.

On Saturday, July 13th we w…


Reflecting back over the last 22 years of being part of this fascinating and revolving industry, I've got to say fitness has changed and I'm loving it!!!

Starting out back in the early 1990's in my fitness career, my main goal was to be skinny by doing A LOT of aerobic training and watching every morsel of food and calculating every calorie consumed. By days end, I was so mentally exhausted worrying about things I couldn't control that both my relationships and my school work to a backseat in my life. To look a certain way, my body was fighting it and therefore my homeostatic functions ceased - it was very detrimental. I wouldn't wish that on anyone. On a side note, my choice of giving up late nights of partying, drinking, and eating crap food for early mornings of  dedication and discipline I will never regret.

If it wasn't for the boom of research on the Benefits of Women & Strength Training and many Women On Weights (WOW) classes popping up in many gyms …

Multi-joint / Multi-muscle Program

For those who want more bang for their buck...

Using two muscle groups or better yet, working lowerbody moves at the same time you work the upperbody is considered high intensity and it is this type of training that not only burns a few more extra calories during the workout but elevates you EPOC post workout. Workouts that are higher in  INTENSITY will raise your EXCESS POST EXERCISE-OXYGEN CONSUMPTION. When you are in an energy or O2 deficit such as when doing HIIT,  you need to replace both the energy (units of Kcals) and replace O2 levels. So your training effect and adaption response are under a different state of demand compared to lower intensity or long -duration workouts or workouts that separate cardio from strength. THIS IS AN IDEAL WAY TO TRAIN WITH AMAZING RESEARCH TO BACK IT UP!!!! From personal experience and own research, changes in fitness (aerobic & anaerobic metabolism) and physique deliver the results females want!!  I'm not talking about the skinny look ei…



Chest & Back 3-4 sets of 12-15 reps (heavy resistance) OR 4 sets of 16-24 reps (light resistance)
SUPINE CHEST PRESSBENTOVER FLYSUPINE CHEST FLYSTANDING RETRACTIONSTake 20 seconds to rest to transition & rest although working in opposition

Bicep & Tricep 3 sets 15 reps Seated-Incline Bicep CurlSeated Overhead ExtensionStanding hammer curlsSupine Overhead Tricep ExtensionTake 20 seconds to rest & transition although working in opposition

3-4 Rounds
(Holding weights) Full ROM Squat 25 x(Hold 1 Heavy Weight under chin) Alternating Back Lunges 50x (25/leg)Romanian Deadlift w/ weights 50 reps
3 Rounds
Scissor Jump Lunge 40 xSingle Leg Squat R-leg 25x  / L-leg 25x (back foot is elevated, back leg in full knee extension,45 degree hip flexion)
3 Rounds
Sissy Squat 25xWide-leg JUMPS 25x
Standing Wheel 100 Reps (50/side)Seated-recline knee tucks 25xSupine Single Leg Extension 50xSeated-recline rotations 40xHip Lift (k…


Program #1Track Workout
Jog 2 miles to warm up
4 x 100 m strides

3 sets of the following, nonstop:
20 Full Pushups
20 Jump Squats
20 Inverted Shoulder presses
20 X-Jumps
20-Ground Dips
40-Full JACKS

3 sets of the following,nonstop
20-Full Burpees
40-Walking Lunges
50-FROGGIES (count as feet land forward)
40-SQUAT pulse

3 sets of the following, nonstop
100 Single Leg Extensions
50-Mountain Climbers
30-Spider Crawls
10-Chaturanga Pushup

3 sets of the following, nonstop
30-Mule Kicks
40-Standing Wheels
50-ISO crunches

1 Mile Cool down jog