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The plan for this Saturday, August 31st.

We will meet at LC Track. Same time, 5:20am. There will do our warm up run off the track, about 2 miles. Then, we will do a 40 minute track workout - LT pace runs, Long Intervals, Short Intervals, and more. By this time, we have all built a pretty god aerobic base and will be ready for the workout tomorrow!!!

Don't forget, we have our RED DIRT SHOE CLINIC tomorrow at 8:45am. I met with Andy yesterday and he and his staff will be ready to discuss with all of you options of  new shoes, the latest science on shoes, foot strike, and your individual biomechanics of running. As long as your dues for the September - December session have been paid, you will receive an additional 15% off your purchase of regular priced items - that is an awesome deal if your rotate your shoes or purchase new shoes every 45-60 days. If you are unable to go tomorrow, I have emailed Andy a roster with all of your names. This offer will continue throughout this sessio…


Saturday, August 24th - meeting at the Hy-Vee on Madison Ave.
3 Route Options: 4, 6, & 11
Time: 5:20am

We will all start out together leaving form Hy-Vee heading towards the MALL OF THE BLUFFS (back side of the mall), turn right onto MALL DRIVE, and another right onto VALLEY VIEW TRAIL. Stay on the trail to HIGHWAY 92. Turn right onto HWY 92 heading west until you get to the lights on HARRY LANGDON and turn right. REMEMBER: once on HARRY LANGDON, stay on the left of the road - run towards the oncoming cars - there is small trail to run along.

We will split up at HARRY LANGDON & WOODBURY AVE. Those doing the 4 & 6 mile route, turn right onto WOODBURY. Those doing the 11 mile rout stay on HARRY LANGDON.

4 mile route: run up WOODBURY, down WOODBURY AVE cross Madison Ave and over into Hy-Vee.

6 mile route: run up WOODBURY, down WOODBURY, turn right onto MADISON AVE and up to BENNETT AVE. Turn right onto BENNETT AVE to FRANKLIN AVE and run down the hill on FRANKLIN towards Va…

CBRC Saturday Route

This Saturday we will be running a route that will help anyone preparing for a 10K this fall stronger & more fit!! Those doing the Corporate Cup, you won't want to miss this Saturday!!!! But if you have to due to other obligations we will do another run like this soon.

 Compared to last weeks flat course, this week has more ascents & descents at a variety of percent grades. Running inclines compared to flat courses will work different muscles, make you stronger, helps improve running economy & overall fitness, and allows you to work different energy systems so that you do not become stale.

The main energy system is always AEROBIC because running rely's mainly on carbohydrates for it's first source of energy while turning to fat for energy once glycogen is depleted. However, running hills is interval training & strength training in disguise. Therefor, it allows us to tap into different energyreserves other than just carbohydrates. There is research to back…

Council BLuffs Run CLub

It's here, the long distance Saturday!!! You will have the choice of doing a little over 6 miles or a little over 12 miles. The route is flat and in my opinion, running on the west side of the lake is peaceful and serene especially as the sun comes enjoy that part of your run.

When increasing distance, you need to decrease intensity. As many elite runners know and do, your minute/mile pace needs to decrease by 3 minutes slower than your 5k pace. Keep in mind, especially those participating in a half this fall, it is not the actual event (run) so don't overdo it - save that competitiveness for race day. Instead, remind yourself that you are still in training mode and while in training mode it is all about time on the feet and increasing capillarization and mitochondria so that oxygen is efficiently transported to the working muscles to do work. Why? Because any race over a 5k is all AEROBIC METABOLISM and in training, you are building that AEROBIC BASE.

So, with that in …