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Here is a recap to my quick spiel after last Saturdays Spring Meltdown class.

My point last Saturday as I talked to you all with extreme low-blood sugar levels post workout was this: We all at FUSION train hard, like athletes!!!! Believe me, I've been to other places in CB and I know what they do there (stop /start/ rest) we don't do that at FUSION. Be proud of that - we go "hard core" for 60 minutes or more. Running, lifting, swinging, jumping, dancing a bit, plyometrics, somatic exercise, and often times 2-a-days!!! We are extreme but, we do it right.

 I am concerned, however, with many clients not achieving results due to lack of proper nutritional intake. I want to share with you the importance of nutrition, nutrient timing, and the what & why this information is sooo important. Lastly, this information is not only to change body composition, decrease body fat, & hypertrophy, but really about aiding in your recovery so that you are prepared and feel good …