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Question: Can one particular form of cardio shrink my thighs?

Answer: No.
All forms of cardio are created equal when it comet to working the thighs, glutes or any other body part. Many people think they can reduce fat on specific areas of their body and not others. They think that if a certain cardio machine or exercise works the lower body more, it will automatically lead to more fat loss in that area. Unfortunately, it's not that easy. You cannot dictate where your body will take fat from. When energy demands increase, your body depletes stored fat from all over your body, not just from a specific spot. Thus, burning fat from the thighs is actually burning fat from your shoulders, upper back, calves and the rest of your body too. It would be great if we could tell our bodies to shrink certain areas and not others, but it doesn't work that way.

My new addiction...

I am so excited to share with everyone at FUSION my new addiction to Beachbodyshakeology drinks. Right now my favorite is the chocolate over the greenberry and that's probably just because I love peanut butter together with's like a peanut butter cup. Her is my concoction: I chop up tons and tons of ice (have to make it extra thick), add the chocolate powder, 1 cup almond milk and two tbsp PB2. I put the blender on smoothie for a while so it is extra thick and well blended. Now, check out total kcals...

Chocolate Shakeology = 140kcals
PB2 = 45kcals
Almond Milk = 60kcals
Ice = 0 kcals

Total = 285 kcals

And best thing, I'm am full, satisfied, got all my nutrients to replenish tissues and for protein re synthesis to occur, and I don't have that lethargic feeling...which is the worst.

The unique blend of shakeology gives the body the recommended amount of protein to carb ratio after a workout, a full supply of fruit & vegetable nutrients and is full of prebioti…

Class cancellation for July 15th

The Thursday night (6:15pm) Turbokick class on July 15th will not be held. If you are registered for the class, you will receive a $4 credit that can be used towards another class or you may deduct the $4 from your total for the next session beginning August 1st.

The 5:15pm ZUMBA Thursday evening will still be held as well as the 6:20pm Pilate's class. Or, you can attend the early morning 5am Turbokick class Thursday morning.

Sorry about the inconvenience - don't forget the "free" classes this Saturday from 7:00-10:30am.

DEMO DAY - Saturday, July 17 from 7am - 10:30am

Try out a little bit of everything that Fusion has to offer. Each class is 25 minutes long. Classes will be structured so that you can learn technique and basic choreography that each class has to offer. Will you get a work out still? Of course!!! Don't worry, I'll keep you moving nonstop. Find out what new classes will be coming to Fusion this fall!!!

All the classes are free and your encouraged to bring your spouse, co-worker, family or a friend. Nothing is better and more important than giving the gift of health.

You will also have the opportunity to meet with Beachbody Wellness Coach, Casey Fett. A true inspiration when it comes to helping others attain their goals - whether it's weight loss, eating more balanced-energizing meals, cleansing the body, or recharging the metabolic rate, she is the expert. Samples of the Beachbodyshakeology will be available...try them they are yummy, filling and full of nutrients.


7-7:25am Turbokick

7:30-7:55am Hip Hop Hustle

8-8:25am …


When your goal is to get lean, the following foods can help you get there faster.
active ingredient: omega-3 fatty acids
These healthy fatty acids will help your body to burn fat. Those omega-3's are so powerful that they can turn on genes that increase fat-burning and turn off the genes that regulate fat storage, all while making sure your cardiovascular system stays healthy.
Try this: Make an SLT: 1 (5 oz) can boneless, skinless red salmon mashed with 1 Tbsp reduced-fat (2%) Greek yogurt and the juice of a half lemon, on toasted whole wheat bread with 2 slices of extra-lean turkey bacon, 1 romaine lettuce leaf and 2 tomato slices

Active ingredients: protein, healthy fats
Eggs will help you feel fuller and for a longer time throughout the day and ate less at lunch with only 2 eggs (w/yolk). Eggs full of healthy fats and vitamins A, D, and E
Try this: Beat 2 eggs and add 1/4 cup low-fat shredded cheese and one sliced scallion before pouring into a skillet. Scramble egg mixture…

What is the Glycemic Index?

The Glycemic Index(GI) is a measure of the rate at which the foods you eat raise your blood sugar levels. White bread is the standard to which all other foods are compared with an assigned value of 100. The higher a food's GI value, the faster it will raise your blood sugar. Foods with a high GI also tend to cause more weight gain than foods with a lower GI. A quick spike in blood sugar levels leads to a corresponding increase of insulin, your body's primary storage hormone. The more insulin circulating through your bloodstream, the more calories will be stored as fat.

Try to choose foods that rank low and medium on the GI more often than those with a higher ranking. A rank of 55 or less is low, a rank of 56-69 is medium and a ranking of 70 and up is high.

Examples of LOW GI Foods
Baked Beans
Kidney Beans
Oat Bran Bread
Parboiled rice
Plain yogurt
Pumpernickel bread
Skim milk
Sweet potatoes
Swiss chard

Examples of MEDIUM GI …

Why are B vitamins so important for women?

The B vitamin, particularly B6 and folic acid, are important for women's health. Vitamin B6 helps women maintain a hormonal balance, and there is evidence suggesting vitamin B6 reduces PMS symptoms such as mood fluctuations and menstrual cramps. Vitamin B6 also plays a major role in your health by helping to combat the debilitating effects of depression.

Folic acid can prevent certain cancers in women and also seems to prevent birth defects if taken during pregnancy. A balanced diet should provide most of the B vitamins necessary for good health, but it doesn't hurt to take a good multivitamin to make sure you are getting everything you need.

Is it wrong to eat before bed, especially if it's a carbohydrate?

Many people limit their intake of carbs in the evening because it tends to be the slowest time of day in terms of physical activity. So in turn, they think if they eat just before bed, they'll store more of the carbs as fat while they sleep. This idea neglects two important points. First, the carbs you eat late in the evening don't make it into your general circulation until early the next morning, providing they are complex carbs and not simple. They supply you with energy for the next day's activities.

You also need to think about your total daily caloric intake. Let's assume that you need to eat 2,000 calories each day to maintain your weight. If you had only 1,200 to 1,500 calories earlier in the day, you wouldn't gain fat if you ate 500-800 calories of carbs in the evening. In fact, if you are trying to gain muscle your body will need those carbs to prevent you from sleeping in a catabolic state(burning muscle as fuel). Try to eat five-six small clean-eating me…

July Is Here!!!

New month - new workout - new you...

What are you going to do this month to change up your current fitness routine?
Trying something new to refresh your exercise routine, shock your body, and prevent becoming stale, you will need to change at least one fitness component. Remember, it is very easy for your body to become use to doing the same thing week after week, month after month. Due to the adaptation response, you will stop seeing changes in your body and your fitness.

You may want to try a different class or simply add to your current workout routine another day. If you're exercising 3 or 4 days a week, it is time to increase the frequency to 5 or 6 days/week. Or, if you exercise for 30 minutes - 45 minutes, why not increase that by another 10-15 minutes which in turn will burn off more calories. One of the best ways to change your fitness level or raise your metabolic rate is to increase the intensity of your workouts. Simply by adding bigger exaggerated movements, moving faste…