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Get ready for a new type of training in September at FUSION. If there is one thing I am confident about within my field of study is the science behind muscular hypertrphy. Although there is still alot of debate in the health & fitness industry on how the body responds to growth, from experience I feel my approach to weight/resistance training will deliver amazing reults such as sculpted, striated, an sexy-defined muscularity!! So, I am taking you all back to my old school training days - back over 20 years ago when I got into lifting and started my own research on the best methods behind weights.   Basically, the methodology & science behind this training is all about overload & high volume training maximizing fatigue without going to muscular failure.

In Muscle Fusion class, all month long in September, there will be a new format. This format follows the guidlines of 1 RM training along with the ACSM guidlines for gaining both muscular strength &  muscular endurance w…
The Last Summer Hoorah!!!

At FUSION we understand how busy summer has been for many and we would like to help everyone get back on track and help you ease into your workout routine again. We have incorporated a little bit of everything into this 4-week program that will give you a chance to work on your stamina & aerobic output, upper & lowerbody strength and endurance, power and agility, quickness & speed while still having what our original bootcamp league offered...FUN!!!
So let's get back to basics together ...One step at a time and ease back in with a program that will be sure to get you back into your fitness routine. This program is for everyone at all fitness levels.

DATES: SEPTEMBER 8th, 15th, 22, 29th
TIME: 6:15am - 7:15am
COST: $180 PER TEAM (4 person team)
$45 Individual

Let's all get back into our Saturday morning routines!!!
Are you ready for a new week of workouts at FUSION? Well I am and ready to share with you all some new & creative workout drills put together in a format sure to be a challenge. Let's all try to push ourselves a little more this week, give more effort in class and work past that point of fatigue and muscular failure...because that is when physiological changes takes place. Make it a daily goal to eat "clean" Eat more lean proteins, increase fiber intake, choose antioxidant-rich fruits & vegetables, drink more water, and don't give up CARBS but rather eat smart carb choices. See you all in class!!!
Happy Monday!