The plan for this Saturday, August 31st.

We will meet at LC Track. Same time, 5:20am. There will do our warm up run off the track, about 2 miles. Then, we will do a 40 minute track workout - LT pace runs, Long Intervals, Short Intervals, and more. By this time, we have all built a pretty god aerobic base and will be ready for the workout tomorrow!!!

Don't forget, we have our RED DIRT SHOE CLINIC tomorrow at 8:45am. I met with Andy yesterday and he and his staff will be ready to discuss with all of you options of  new shoes, the latest science on shoes, foot strike, and your individual biomechanics of running. As long as your dues for the September - December session have been paid, you will receive an additional 15% off your purchase of regular priced items - that is an awesome deal if your rotate your shoes or purchase new shoes every 45-60 days. If you are unable to go tomorrow, I have emailed Andy a roster with all of your names. This offer will continue throughout this session of RUN CLUB!!!

If you need a ride over to Red Dirt, there is some Bootcampers meeting at the mall. I will discuss this with everyone tomorrow morning - to make sure there is room or if people want to follow others over. The address to RED DIRT is 17660 Wright Street. It is south of West Center Road in Wright Plaza.

As a reminder, we are off September 7th, but that does not mean to take a break from running.
We will start the next session on September 14th.

Please feel free to message me if  you have any questions.

See you all in the morning.

KEEP ON RUNNING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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