30 -Day Flush

This is just an example. Yes it is low-calorie, but there is a lot of research supporting a low caloric diet that is optimal in both macro & micronutrient intake. I am enjoying the flush and find it easy to follow the suggested intake of more proteins(animal) and veggies and to rely less on processed, boxed items, and man-made food. Are you?
Monday 3/3
Post-run 5am Energy Drink
Post-class 6:15am Coffee
8am 2 Turkey Sausage Links, Mineral Water, and 1/4 Almond Milk
Post-lift 10am 2 BCAA w/ Coconut Water, 2 Hard-Boiled Eggs, 3 pc Melba Toast
1:30am 1 Packet Tuna
Post-Classes 7:30pm Flounder, Steamed broccoli, green beans, & yellow and orange peppers.
Tuesday 3/4
Post-run 4:30am Energy Drink & Sm Coffee
Post-lift Bi & Delt 8am- 2 Egg whites & 1 Whole egg scrambled
Post-lift legs Cabbage-Tuna Roll-up (2 steamed cabbage leafs & 1 pactet Albacore Tuna)
2 BCAA 2 Fish Oils w/ coconut water
2pm Mardi Gras frosted cookie
Post-cycle - 7:00pm Boiled Chicken Breas, Biscuit, Broccoli spears & asparagus
Mineral Water & 3 BCAA
Wednesday 3/5
Post-run 4:15a, Energy Drink
Post-cycle 6:30am Coffee
8am-2 Whole Eggs (hard-boiled), Raw Broccoli
Post-lift 10am 4 pc Melba Toast w/ Hazelnut Butter, Blueberries, 2 BCAA & Mineral Water
2pm 1 packet Albacore Tuna
7pm Post-class Salmon & Tillamook Cheese
Thursday 3/6
Post-run 4:15am Energy Drink
Post-class 6:30am Coffee & BBV shake 8oz mixed w/ coconut water
10am Raw Broccoli, Cauliflower, Green peppers
2pm Iced Coffee
4pm Almonds
7pm 3oz Turkey Breast
Post-run 4:15am Energy Drink
Post-Bootcamp 6:30am Coffee
8am 2 Rice cakes topped w/ Hazelnut Butter
Post-lift 2 BCAA & Mineral Water
Noon Chocolate-covered Toffee squares w/ sea salt
3pm 1 Packet Albacore Tuna
6pm 3 oz Chicken Breast
Saturday 3/8
Post-run 4:30am Energy Drink
Post-run 6:30am Coffee
Post-lift 8am 2 Hard-boiled eggs & 2 BCAA w/ Mineral Water
11:30am already cooked med potato (take along food in baggie) plain w/skin
2pm Steak
6pm Raw Broccoli, Red Peppers,  Yellow Peppers
Sunday 3/9
Post run 6am Energy Drink and chocolate kisses
Postlift 8:30am Coffee & 2 BCAA w/ Mineral Water
3pm Salmon
6pm Steamed Broccoli & Cabbage Leafs salt & pepper for taste
8pm 1 scoop Justin's Hazelnut Butter


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