Just a few details about the upcoming WEIGHT ROOM WORKOUT!!!

This is the closest to personal training a "group" environment will get. This will not be at all like a typical Group Exercise class. The format will be similar to that of   "old school" style weight room  lifting. Think Monica Brandt, Kiana Tom, Rachel McLish, Corey Everson.... the pioneers (at least to me) of WOMEN ON WEIGHTS!!!! Will you look like them? No, but you will get strong like them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Or, maybe some of you will and please welcome that. Let's start being ok with muscles and legs that have development & definition and glutes that "pop" and delts that are broad. NO MORE SKINNY GIRL BS and no more looking at food as the enemy or counting every calorie - who wants to be controlled by that? Hmm, moving on....
With that being said, the goal is to lift, lift heavy, using just dumbbells,  focus on all of the large major muscle groups, get in get it done and get out... 40 fast & furious minutes!!! Have a post- workout protein drink readily available and get on with our Saturdays.

The movements will  not be choreographed to music, although background music will play to drown out our expirations on the concentric lifts, and I won't necessarily be up in front leading. This is where it get's a little like Personal Training. I will assist and redirect as needed, but also will be doing the lifts with you to demonstrate proper form, function of the lift, and just to get my lift on too!!!
Because it will be somewhat similar to PT, I am limiting the class size to 12. There will be a waiting list.  So, get in and sign up ASAP if interested.

The goal of the class is to get stronger -  here is why:
 Many of you have taken up running and may also be participating in the CBRC which means that you are doing a lot more HIGHER IINTENSITY AEROBIC EXERCISE. For females who do so and also because women in general seem to think that caloric restriction is a good thing, may notice a decrease in both strength and  a loss of muscle tone. Or, maybe you've lost weight. You therefore, have  lost both body fat & muscle tissue and may need to "tone up"  which means you need to put back on the LEAN TISSUE to help with elasticity,  and lastly, the fact that summer usually means more outdoor time - doing more "cardio" in nature activities, you may also notice a decrease in your strength and tone. It's all good though. It's like a cycle -  each season a new focus, a new goal, a new workout regime.
Although the Saturday CBRC will continue, you may want to consider doing this after your run.

TIME:6:50AM - 7:30AM
COST: $24


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